Multi functional two in one diaper nappy changing bag purse

The Making of Swaddle Tote: A Multifunctional Two-in-One Diaper Bag

The Swaddle Tote Diaper Bag has been a joy to create! I remember that when I was preparing all the things I would need for my twin girls' arrival, I left purchasing a diaper bag to the very last minute. When I had my girls, the diaper bag had not even arrived! But, not long after using my diaper bag, I realized it would be indispensable.


At some point, buying new diaper bags started to feel like a hobby to me. My first diaper bag was a popular one, and it served it's purpose, but it didn't feel functional enough. I bought several more, and used them all, but I remember still looking for something more functional.


I had gotten a very simple backpack from work one day for successfully completing a project, so I really wanted to use it. Well, that simple, very basic backpack got me into a creative mode, because soon after Swaddle Tote was born. That backpack became my little companion. I modified it, packed it, and repacked it plenty of times, and it became very functional. It was my all in one diaper bag, and with a minimalist sidekick bag inside, I felt very prepared. At this point, my littlest one had joined the family, and it was even perfect with 3 kids.


The journey from that point forward has been long, but exciting, because I realized this is something I enjoyed. Now I get to use my Swaddle Tote diaper bag and hope to get to develop my other diaper bag designs, as well.


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